Trump toilet paper

Donald Trump toilet paper, the most funny novelty gag gift! Wipe your are with Donald Trumps face (or anything else for that matter).

5.00 IVA incluido

  • Whether you’re in the White House or out house, this toilet paper will make you feel like you’re President for life! You don’t need to flush your secret tax returns down the toilet anymore Mr. President, just use this toilet paper!
  • Know someone who adores Trump? Surely they’ll love having him in their bathroom! It’s an intimate way to spend even more time with your favorite President. And if you hate Trump, well…let’s just say this 3-ply tissue is very absorbent.
  • Random Trump Face.
  • Material: paper.
  • Weight : 0.105 kg
  • Dimensions : 10.2 × 8 × 8 cm